Meet the hosts

Podcast hosts, Alan Sanders and Susan Delmonico, have both been married previously and brought their blended family together in 2009. They've been through a lot of adventures in their lives, some good, some bad and some ugly. As they enter their "empty nester" years, they wanted to share what they've learned along the way while looking forward to all of the new adventures still to come.

    Alan Sanders

    Alan has an eclectic background as an actor, director, writer, veteran, business owner, radio broadcaster and podcaster. His video production and social media company is called AJS Productions. He is a long-time on-air personality on WBHF and a regular talk show fill-in on WSB. He is also the host of The Wilder Ride podcast and a contributor to 60MW Podcast. He enjoys camping, gaming, kayaking and playing with his dogs.
    Susan Delmonico

      Susan Delmonico

      Susan Delmonico decided to create a completely new career path after getting sick of the rat-race of the corporate world. In 2016, she decided to become a personal trainer and began her own private business, SJD Health and Fitness. Susan also has an extensive background as an actor and a director. She is an avid backpacker, fitness junkie, dog-lover, crafter, kayaker and reader. She is also a host on the podcast Cheat Sheet for Life.