Hosts Alan and Susan want to share a little more about the show and their backgrounds. The podcast deals with the subjects of married life, health and wellness, compromise, child rearing, being in a blended family and living life in our fast-paced, online world. So why the name? Why call it The Marriage Fit Podcast? It really is a play on the word, “fit.” First, we all have to learn how to fit things into our lives. Sometimes we have to balance work demands. Others might be the extended family. And, anyone with kids will tell you, you are constantly having to readjust your schedule to fit in everything they need. But, the word fit also applies to each other as a couple. We have to learn to to make time for each other and find areas of commonality. It’s great to have individual pursuits, in fact, it’s healthy to have some time apart, too! But, we should be mindful of when we are spending all of our time apart.

There are other uses of the word fit, too. As a personal trainer, Susan has come to realize many of her clients were wanting to get back in

shape, not for weight-loss reasons, but to be able to enjoy active retirement living. So, being healthy and fit is a key component to a happy life and a happy marriage. And fitness isn’t just about the physical. It’s also about mental fitness and spiritual fitness. If any of those is hurting, the whole can suffer.

Finally, let’s face it, as human beings, emotions can sometimes get the best of us. We all throw a fit from time-to-time and there is nothing wrong with that, so long as you understand the damage that can be caused by using intentionally hurtful words or being to proud to say you are sorry. All of these views of life, marriage, child-rearing, lifestyle and leisure and more will give us plenty to discuss and bring to you every week.

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