Making Memories with Your Kids

August 3, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan and Susan discuss making memories, focusing a lot on making those memories with your kids. They were on the road and recording on a cell phone, so the quality of the episode is lower than usual. Hopefully it will not be a distraction. At the open, Alan and Susan discuss taking a weekend trip and how those jaunts are part of their own memory making. This led to the discussion of Susan’s recent birthday dinner with the rest of the family. While enjoying the celebration, discussion arose over past beach vacations. Their girls admit to remembering the summer trips to St. Augustine fondly.

It has been many years since taking a vacation together as a family. Suddenly, with all the good emotions coming from storytelling, the idea came up to do a return trip to St. Augustine next summer. This discussion leads to some side trails dealing with child-rearing and some challenges their daughters gave them. Also, both Alan and Susan recognize the need for parental boundaries with children. It’s great to give them freedom to express themselves, but there needs to be a clear line between parent and child. A parent’s job is not to be their child’s best friend. Rather, once the child reaches adulthood, that’s the appropriate time to soften the parental role in favor for a more friend-like one.

By the end, both Alan and Susan recognize we all make mistakes with child rearing. But, the important take-away is to learn from your mistakes and not be afraid to ask for help/advice from professionals if you are overwhelmed.

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