A Word About Exes

July 16, 2021

Hosts Alan and Susan refer to this episode as sharing a word about exes and how they can affect the peace and stability of your new marriage. Each of them takes a moment to look back at how life after re-marriage was affected by the presence of their respective exes. Alan reminds the audience about the book, Love Your Children More Than You Hate Your Ex, by previous guest, Dr. Larry Waldman. That title is the best piece of advice for the new marriage. It’s a lot harder in practice, but it must be the goal.

Alan spends time recounting the custody fight in court and the unsettling aspects that occured. Susan then opened up and shared about her separation and divorce. Both exes presented significant challenges to them and they had to work through those issues by putting their kids first. Ultimately, through the passage of time, kids grow up and begin to have their own lives. The irony of being custodial parents is even though the kids live with you more, you will not necessarily see them more. As the episode wraps up, Alan and Susan both encourage listeners who might be about to embark on the same journey to have serious discussions about it. The second marriage is bound to have much more baggage than the first. Don’t go into it blindly.

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