Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

July 11, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan and Susan come to terms with the realization that sometimes life gets in the way. Over the past two months, many of their weekly routines have been interrupted. Everyone has a different threshold for feeling overwhelmed. Susan admits her nature requires order around her and when things turn chaotic, it can have an immediate affect on her. Alan admits that while he can roll with changes more easily, it can eventually lead to a point of total overload.

The two decided to have a discussion prior to recording the episode, leading to the idea of having a regularly scheduled meeting time to discuss life. It’s important to note having a plan does not mean the plan will always come to fruition. However, it does not mean giving up or ignoring barriers. Making a conscious effort to address the changes and deal with unplanned events will help to lessen their overall impact. Everything that happens in life is a stressor. Some are good, while others bad. Each person has their own threshold before those stressors begin to create fear, anxiety, panic, depression or even anger.

Alan and Susan hope, by talking about these stressors in a calm and constructive way, they can avoid their more deleterious effects down the road. Finally, recognizing that sometimes life gets in the way, they both have pledged to get back to routine workouts and meal planning to help re-center their focus and get back on the path toward making things fit rather than throwing a fit.

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