Fiscal Fitness

May 28, 2021

Hosts Alan and Susan start off discussing their impromptu vacation to Daytona Beach before getting into fiscal fitness. With both having their own businesses, budgeting for a vacation also means taking into account lost income. This immediately leads to a discussion over finances and opening lines of communication.

Many couples and marriages end over financial disagreements and debt. Alan and Susan take the audience through some of their own trials and tribulations related to finances. They hope you will maybe learn a few things from their mistakes. They also offer some advice, including the five kinds of spenders and some tips for saving. By the end, hosts Alan and Susan put forth a challenge to themselves and the audience to pick a day (or a week) to not spend any money other than for budgeted items. Physical fitness is always important, but staying on top of your fiscal fitness is key toward building a strong relationship.

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