How We Got Together

May 14, 2021

In today’s episode, hosts Alan and Susan answer a listener’s question, who wants to know how they got together? The irony of the recording is it falls directly on their wedding anniversary. The story starts with both of them having forgotten it was their anniversary. Again! This is not the first first time Alan and Susan have let the date slip. To understand how that happens, they begin by setting the clock back many years.

Both hosts reflect back on some early warning signs they missed in their first marriages. Alan comments he played the game of ignore the problem and maybe it will go away. Tracking some parallels, both Alan and Susan recall their divorces and the days, weeks and months following. Neither ever planned to get married again. But, an event occurred that Alan remembers as being the first time he realized he wanted to take care of Susan. Even after, it was the kids who first proposed a family merger. The thought became reality.

Due to a clause in Alan’s divorce agreement, a quick marriage by the Justice of the Peace had to happen. So, even though neither thought they would get married ever again, here they were, back in the bonds of matrimony!

The episode then dives into Susan flying up to drive with her dad down to Georgia for a visit. Part of the visit will also mean Alan taking a few days off to go to an extended family gathering in Florida. As he says, everyone needs to take some time off even if you love what you do.

In closing, Susan discusses the concept of using it or losing it and how important flexibility is toward physical health. She has been working with her dad to get him back in better shape. And, with all of the crazy scheduling, Alan and Susan didn’t make time to record videos on some basic stretches. However, they vowed to make it happen this week.

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