The Appalachian Trail and Passionate Pursuits

May 6, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan and Susan open with a recount of Susan’s latest weekend jaunt on the Appalachian Trail in NE Georgia. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is something Susan feels drawn to doing since becoming an empty-nester. The weekend get-away popped up quickly and like the title of the show, she was able to “fit” it into her schedule.

Susan and her friend Deb met several folks on the trail. The spent the evening chatting around a campfire. One of the women they met was a medical doctor and her skills came to bear on another hiker who had gotten a chunk of wood stuck in his hand. The doctor, Tiffany, actually has her own YouTube channel (Lamonde Wellness). She uses her channel to document her adventures on the Appalachian Trail as well as health/wellness tips. Susan then discovered the young married couple in their party (whose husband had the injury) that the wife, Tatiana, also has a YouTube channel (Tati Talks).

The discussion then rolls into how we are all individuals. We should not be made to feel badly about having unique passions. A couple needs to have common interests, but it’s okay to have separate passions, too. And, both people need to learn not to pressure the other. Couples also need to have flexibility in their expectations. It’s better to learn how to bend rather than break. Alan and Susan even have a brief side-trail discussion over their tastes in movies, which reveals even more about the two of them.

They wrap-up with tips on how to get into hiking shape for those who many want to try it. And, as part of the fitness discussion, Susan and Alan plan to do some basic daily stretches. Susan suggest they will film them to post on the podcast’s social media accounts.

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One comment on “The Appalachian Trail and Passionate Pursuits

  1. Susan and Alan, This was so much fun! I listened to it with my whole family. My husband and I are laughing because our experience so align with yours regarding the backpacking. I love it and he doesn’t get it at all! Thank you for the kind story and shout out for me.
    Kind regards,
    Dr. Tiffany Lamonde