Cumberland Island and being selfless

March 17, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan and Susan spend time recapping her 4-day backpacking and camping trip on Cumberland Island. Alan takes on the role of interviewer for the first half of the podcast. Susan starts with a story of finding a closer site at the last minute, just by checking online. The first day started with the ferry ride through the fog to even get to the Island. Once there, they setup camp and began to explore for the rest of the day. Susan had to admit her disdain for buying a pair of Crocks went away after that first day of walking 12 miles.

Susan then recounted each day’s adventures with her friend, Deb, and Deb’s daughter, Lauren. They lost track of the number of birds, but saw well over 50 wild horses over their 4-day stay. Susan also talks about being fascinated by watching armadillos and having a raccoon visit their campsite. They also saw a mama dolphin and her baby swimming along the coast. They walked over 20 miles the next day and then biked over 30 miles on their last full day. That’s why being fit and staying is shape is so important in being able to cross off those bucket list items.

After recapping the trip, the discussion moved into couples learning how to be selfless. This doesn’t mean being okay with always being apart. Rather, it’s important to know when your spouse has a passion and when you do not. That is healthy. What is not healthy is to try to dominate your partner over everything. Even Alan, when Susan asked him, thought it would be worth a try to go to Cumberland Island sometime.

The episode ends with a fitness challenge for Alan to make sure he is walking more, in preparation for future camping trips. He agreed it was something he could do more and is happy to do it.

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