Shakespeare, Meatloaf and Furiosa

February 24, 2021

In today’s episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Susan Delmonico find a way to weave together Shakespeare, Meatloaf and Furiosa. Opening with a discussion over music and Shakespearean sonnets, the couple brings up the Meatloaf song, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” It becomes the vehicle to move the discussion forward. Relationships usually start with heightened emotions and passion, but is that enough for a marriage? The analogy moves toward a discussion of puzzles. When a couple first meets, there are fewer puzzle pieces to fit together. As children enter the picture and families grow, more and more puzzle pieces are added. But, as children grow up and enter adulthood, the puzzle once again changes.

These topics eventually lead to a discussion of the movie, “Mad Max Fury Road,” and the character, Furiosa. With each subject, the overall discussion about roles in a marriage and working as partners becomes more and more clear. As the episode begins to wind down, Alan and Susan discuss making a bucket list, putting down their phones and remembering a family cruise.

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