Meals, legs, chess and Fury Road

February 17, 2021

In today’s episode, Susan and Alan open with a debate over just how badly they did on their meals planning. They both reconcile to put more focus on scheduling a time to discuss the weekly meals plan. Susan went on to describe the leg day commitment Alan made in the last episode. Alan believes there must be something wrong with his leg muscles to hurt like they do. Susan chided him for never working them enough in the first place. Susan covertly recorded Alan’s cries of pain, but it wasn’t loud enough to add to the episode.

The next topic Alan introduces relates to watching the Netflix limited series, “The Queen’s Gambit.” Both Alan and Susan loved it and highly recommend watching it. This led to Alan’s request for Susan to try something this coming week — watching the film, “Mad Max Fury Road.”

As to some health and fitness items, the couple ends with a discussion over popcorn, trans fat, saturated fat, reading labels and trying other alternatives for snacking. On a closing note, Susan recounts giving plasma since she still has active antibodies for Covid-19 and wants to help others who might be struggling.

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