The new boy, planning your meals and a leg challenge

February 10, 2021

In this first official episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Susan Delmonico talk about meeting the new boy in the life of one of their daughters. This leads to a discussion of how Alan looks at the intrusion of boys into the family versus Susan’s view. Ironically, they both want the same outcome. They just approach it from two very different vantage points. Meeting the “boy” also led to having him over for a family dinner. Turns out, Alan is in a much better place about this entire subject.

The conversation then moves to planning meals and learning healthier options come from making your own meals at home. Plus, if you plan your meals, you can save a huge amount of money. As the episode winds down, Susan has two challenges for her husband — a couple of leg workouts and a commitment to try a true overnight wilderness camping trip with a hike. Alan, though hesitant, agreed to both and hopes he will be around for episode two.

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